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Approved private and business removals

Overseas removals

Overseas removals require a specific approach. Vlaming helps with every aspect of the removal.

International removals

Overseas removals typically involve transport by sea or air freight. The items are loaded by a removal company in the country of origin and unloaded by a foreign removal company at the destination. To ensure this is done properly and securely, we take care of all seaworthy packing and shipping.


Household contents must be packed with the required expertise as cargo can move around considerably during loading and unloading of aircrafts or ships. Before the removal, small items are securely packed and clothing is put in wardrobe boxes. Valuables, especially things like paintings or antiques, are expertly packed in special wooden crates.


Household contents are loaded into the removal van or sea container on the agreed date. When loading, it is crucial that the items are properly stowed so that no damage can occur during transportation. We prepare a detailed inventory and mark the contents with numbers. The items are then transported to the removal company’s storage location by air-suspended removal truck. In case of temporary storage, the items are stored with us.

From door to door

With intercontinental removals, the removal company in the country of destination unloads the items. The remover collects your container from the port or aircraft and takes care of delivery. The items are then checked against the inventory. During unloading, items, including furniture, are placed in the relevant rooms. Unpacking is usually done by the owners who put everything in the right place. If desired, Vlaming can put together disassembled furniture for you.

If you would like to know how Vlaming can help you with an overseas or international removal, contact us for more information or request a quote.

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