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Approved private and business removals

How it all started…

In 1885, Jacob Vlaming founded the family firm of Jb. Vlaming en Zonen BV in Amsterdam. A very enterprising man, Jacob started a horse and cart porter service carrying goods to and from Amsterdam. He later co-founded the Kruijersbazen Vereniging, an association of porters and the forerunner of the current organisation of Approved Removers (Erkende Verhuizers). As a porter, Jacob was familiar with all markets and carried out both private and business removals.

Second World War
Back in the early 1930s, motorised transport was replacing the horse and cart for more distant destinations. Throughout the Second World War, however, fuel was in short supply and horses and carts were being used again. Many antique dealers, including the world’s largest antique auction house, Frederik Muller, were among the clients of Jb Vlaming en Zonen BV. During the war, the inventories of Jewish antique dealers and private individuals were kept in the company’s own warehouses. When the war had finished, these clients were able to retrieve their intact inventories.

Growth in the 20th century
From 1912 until the beginning of the 1980s, the removal firm was located in Amsterdam city centre. By that time, the third generation was hard at work in the family business, but the company had outgrown its premises. Vlaming swapped its location in the historic city centre for the modern and more accessible Amsterdam Southeast. From that point on, the business market grew in importance and the range of services Vlaming offered became more comprehensive and sophisticated.

Modern times
The base in Amsterdam Southeast eventually also became too small and the company chose to relocate to the current premises in Diemen, on the outskirts of the city. The management designed a modern industrial site at the location, which we moved to in 2003. Almost 20 years later, the site still meets all our contemporary needs. Of course, our fleet no longer consists of a horse and cart but includes air-suspended trucks and a removal truck with a mounted crane. We also have the most state-of-the-art storage facility currently on the market.

Vlaming remains a family firm and is still going strong. Today, the fourth Vlaming generation carries on in the same entrepreneurial spirit with which Jacob Vlaming started this company all those years ago. In our vision, care and attention for your removal is a standard we hold extremely high and this is reflected in how we operate. Together with all the staff at Vlaming, we ensure that your removal, whether small or large, proceeds smoothly and is a positive experience that you look back on with a smile.

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